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JULY 20-22, 2001


Friday, July 20: Midsummer Night's Swing, Lincoln Center

On Friday evening, Ingrid (Smith), Rose (Harris), Kathryn (Riley), Carolyn (Henry), and Andrea (Ewart) met up at Lincoln Center, ostensibly to watch an outdoor concert. Ingrid really tried to get us to focus on the concert. But, we ended up using the music as background, and instead swapped stories, and remembered old times. But the Lincoln Center, the great weather, and the music provided an excellent backdrop for us.  We finally split up around 10 p.m.

Rose, Carolyn, and Andrea at Lincoln Center

Rose, Carolyn, Ingrid, and Andrea at Lincoln Center

Saturday, July 21: Bus excursion to Atlantic City

On Saturday, Angela (Smith), Ingrid, and Andrea joined the New York chapter bus trip to Atlantic City. That got off to a slow start because of late arrivals and really awful traffic. But the long bus ride gave Angela and Andrea a chance to have a long chat, while Ingrid kept the bus entertained! Then we all hung out on the boardwalk. One of us made a killing at the casino. I won't say who, but that person's name doesn't start with an "A". Another fun day with great weather, a live reggae band on the boardwalk, and great company.

Sunday, July 22: Brunch at Negril

All the people already named above were joined by Faith (Davis), Beverly (Walker), and Paula (Sangster) at Negril restaurant in Manhattan. More great food, even better company, and we just had a blast! We started at about 12:30 and very, very reluctantly left the restaurant at about 4. More catching up, more memories, sharing wishes, family photographs, champagne toasts, and Kathryn's autograph book. Jokes about "senior" moments as someone (again I won't say who but the name starts with a "B") kept struggling to remember names and faces. Friendly fights over names of teachers and whether we had the names right. We were a very, very, noisy group! I can't forget the guest of honor, Carol (Chen's) brother, who was given the task of remembering and reporting back to Carol word for word what was said.

Andrea and Paula inside Negril


After the restaurant, the group, minus Kathryn, Carolyn, and Rose (who all had to leave us) walked around Central Park, led by pack leader, Ingrid. We finally split up around 5:30, with promises to keep in touch, and to do our very best to make the reunion in Jamaica.

Andrea outside Negril restaurant

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